The PlayPlace
Early Learning Center
“Serving infants through school age”

We are a people of purpose, establishing a new paradigm for education. We are a caring culture that values community, which contributes to a better society. Our focus on developing empathy allows for respect and invites an engaging, positive, rich environment. We believe people are natural-born learners. We provide opportunities for discovery and wonder to nurture a lifelong love of learning. Success is demonstrated through leadership, self-direction, problem-solving skills, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and service. We embrace stepping out of our comfort zone. And… We value joy, fun, play, choice, and voice, and we celebrate that our differences contribute to our common humanity.

Because The PlayPlace understands that the early years are the foundational years for developing a love for learning and nurturing future academic success, our program centers its approach by passionately placing curiosity, wonder, and discovery at the heart of the learning experience. In addition, The PlayPlace, ELC dedicates its effort to provide exceptional educational experiences, through quality teaching and learning. Our approach is also rooted in modern theories and research in Child Development and Developmental Psychology, coupled with years of professional practice.

The PlayPlace Early Learning Center was formerly PlayMakers Preschool.

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